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Annual Election

Annual Election for 

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Each year an election is held to identify members that will assume the role of the available slots within the board structure.  This year three slots are up for election for the two years terms.

If you are a member in good standing, please vote online. To prevent spam and other manipulation of the ballot numbers, your membership number is necessary and will be verified against the membership database.   If you do not remember your member number and want to vote, send a request to - Subject:  Membership number request.  We will need your name and address as it appears in your membership record which is the same as your Journal mailing address.   

If you have any questions, please call the office at 540-984-8735.  

More information about the election process, as it appeared in the CCC Legacy Journal,  is available at the bottom of this page.  

Meet Your Candidates

Martin "Marty" Podskoch
East Hampton, CT
  • Retired educator (reading); demonstrated interest in history and the CCC; firsthand experience with book publishing
  • Author of three books on fire towers in the Catskills and Adirondacks, a two-volume collection of historical sketches about the Adirondacks, and two visitors’ guides to the history of the Adirondacks and the region’s towns and villages
  • Author of two books on CCC history and camps in Connecticut and the Adirondacks, research for which involved interviews with over 200 CCC alumni; and currently researching and writing a history of CCC camps in Rhode Island
  • Has given more than 100 talks on CCC history to library groups and historical societies in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Massachusetts; and has written articles for the CCC Legacy Journal and local newspapers
  • Organized the CCC Legacy Gathering in East Windsor, CT; attended Gatherings in Montana, South Carolina and Oregon; and for the past ten years has held reunions at Connecticut’s CCC Museum
  • Service? In the context of CCC Legacy, service means educating adults and children about CCC history by means of talks, books, and other media.
  • Why Serve? “By being an officer on the board, I think I will be able to bring new ideas that will help our organization grow. I have shown my passion to spread the word of the CCC since 2006 when I began research of my first CCC book on the Adirondack CCC Camps.


James "Jim" Rau
Fort Worth, TX
  •  Feels some of the most amazing and profoundly education moments of is life have been in conversation with a CCC Boy.
  •  Have a personal connect, as his residence is located in what was part of SP-31 Texas and there is a CCC culvert in the front yard.
  •  Assisted in the construction of the CCC monument located on the former site of Camp 1816 at the Forth Worth Nature Center.  The monument was constructed of reclaimed stones from the flagpole site.  Using the stones that had first been shaped by a CCC Boy made the project more significant. 
  •  Served as First Vice President of CCC Legacy Fort Worth Cowtown Chapter 123. 
  •  Projects included speaking about the CCC, supervising a stone laying demonstration to involve young people in understanding the process of building a wall, distributing written material about the CCC.  
  •  Wishes to help in continuing the CCC Legacy.


Martha Smith 
North Street, MI

  •  Incumbent on the 2019 CCC Legacy Board
  •  Has served on the following CCC Legacy Boards: Education, Membership, CCC Statue, and Nominating Committee
  •  Co-author of From Forest To The Battlefield, the life stories of forty former CCC enrollees who received the Congressional Medal of Honor for their service in World War II  
  •  Also authored GPS CCC Tour of the Allegheny National Forest which is available at the visitor centers throughout the Allegheny National Forest
  •  Frequent contributor to CCC Legacy Facebook page
  •  Held numerous leadership positions as a special educator responsible for preparing budgets, grant writing, planning student activities, and teacher training programs
  •  Served on state, local, and church board committees in the State of Michigan
  •  Retired special education teacher
  •  Has a strong commitment to keep the memory and accomplishments of the CCC Boys alive

Martin "Marty" Podskoch, CT
South Hampton, CT

James "Jim" Rau
Fort Worth, TX 

Martha  "Marty" Smith
North Street, MI
Online Ballot
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2020-2021 Board of Directors Election 

Vote for (3) Members
Deadline for online submission of your vote is December 6, 2019 .  

To protect the integrity of online voting your contact information will be verified against  the CCC Legacy membership database to ensure an accurate election. 
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Current Election Cycle

Three to be elected for the 2020-2021 term:

 The current cycle elects  three board members for the two-year terms for the membership of 2020-2021 which represent the slots of 5,6,7.  Presently these positions are filled by Terri Altman, Martha Smith, and Henry Sulima.  

Board Term:  January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021

Election Results Announcement:  Official election results will be announced in the Journal.    

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021. 

Announcement:  Official election results will be announced in the last CCC Legacy Journal of the year.    

Current Board Members and their terms through December 31, 2019:  

Slot 1:  Naomi Shaw 2019-2020
Slot 2:  Jean Martin 2019-2020
Slot 3:  Joan Sharpe 2019-2020
Slot 4:  Daniel Newquist 2019-2020

Slot 5:  Martha Smith 2018-2019 
Slot 6:  Henry Sulima 2018-2019
Slot 7:  Terri Altman   2018-2019

Annual Election Cycle

The complete election process  takes most of the year.   

The tentative general schedule begins in January with the identification of Nomination Committee.   

Three Nominating Committee members are elected by the Board of Directors and they begin the candidate identification process.  

The Ballot is published in the Journal. 

Results of the election are published in the last Journal of the year.  

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