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Annual Election

Annual election for 
2018-2019 Board of Directors

Each year an election is held to identify members that will assume the role of the available slots within the board structure.  This year three slots are up for election for the two years terms.

If you are a member in good standing, please vote online. Your membership number is necessary and will be verified against the membership database.   If you did not remember your member number and want to vote, send a request to - Subject:  Membership number request.  We will need your name and address as it appears in your membership record which is the same as your Journal mailing address.   

If you have any questions, please call the office at 540-984-8735.  

More information about the election process, as it appeared in the CCC Legacy Journal,  is available at the bottom of this page.  

Meet Your Candidates

Philip Gouzie
South Portland, ME
  • He was a CCC boy (1939-1941) and served at Co. 1124, P-64, Bridgton, ME.
  • Served with honor in the Submarine Service of the US Navy during WWII.
  • President of the Maine Chapter of NACCCA since 1995.
  • Responsible for the dedication and installation of CCC Memorial plaques at 11 sites throughout Maine.
  • Directed and led a fund raising campaign to purchase and place a CCC Worker Statue in Augusta, Maine on April 24, 2001.
  • Past treasurer and vice president of NACCCA.
  • Incumbent CCC Legacy Board Member 
  • Represented NACCA and CCCL for 29 years at many social and service organizations
  • Intends to channel his interest, skills and energy into the promotion of the CCCL's goals.

Tim Montgomery
El Cerrito, CA
  • The son of a CCC boy from Belpre, KS.
  • CCC Legacy board member since 2014
  • CCC Legacy treasurer following Charles Varro's passing (July 2014 to present
  • Negotiated CCC Legacy's purchase of the CCC Worker Statue molds in 2016.  Now CCC Worker State Committee Chair
  • Developed and administered CCC Boy Pin Program which has recognized 70 CCC boys in 23 states as of September 2017
  • Administrator of CCC Legacy's FaceBook group page (@CCCLegacyGroup). CCC Legacy's general organizational page (@CCCLegacyVA) and the CCC Worker Statue page (@CCCWorkerStatue.)
  • Managed Journal digitization project and produced the complete NACCCA/CCC Legacy Journal Collection.  

Martha Smith
North Street, NI
  • Served on CCC Legacy Board November 214 through 2015
  • CCC Legacy committee member:  Education, Membership CCC Statue
  • Co-Author of From the Forest to the Battlefield featuring the life stories of forty former CCC enrollees who received the Medal of Honor during World Ward II
  • Frequent contributor to CCC Legacy FaceBook page
  • Held numerous leadership positions as a special educator.  Responsible for preparing budgets, grant writing, planning student activities, and teacher training programs
  • Served on state, local, and church boards and committees in Michigan

Online Ballot
Members Only - must submit membership number
2018-2019 Board of Directors Election 

Vote for (3) Members
Deadline for online submission of your vote is November 22, 2017
To protect the integrity of online voting your contact information will be verified against your membership record to ensure an accurate election. 
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  Philip Gouzie
  Tim Montgomery
  Martha Smith
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Current Election Cycle

Three to be elected for the 2018-2019 term:

 The current cycle elects three board members for the two-year terms for the membership of 2018-2019 which represent the slots of 5, 6, 7.   Presently these positions are filled by  Phil Gouzie,  Tim Montgomery, and Suzanne Williams.   Suzanne has chosen not to run for a following term.  

 Cheryl Dellinger, Chair of the Nominating Committee, has notified the Board that there are three people  who have expressed their interest in serving on the Board for the three slots available.    There is space on the ballot for a write-in candidate


January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. 

Announcement:  Official election results will be announced in the last CCC Legacy Journal of the year.    

Current Board Members and their terms through December 31, 2017:  

Slot 1:  Naomi Shaw 2017-2018
Slot 2:  Jean Martin 2017-2018
Slot 3:  Joan Sharpe 2017-2018
Slot 4:  Daniel Newquist 2017-2018

Slot 5:  Suzanne Williams 2016-2017
Slot 6:  Philip Gouzie 2016-2017
Slot 7:  Tim Montgomery 2016-2017

Annual Election Cycle

The complete election process  takes 10 months. 

January—Nominating Committee members are identified

February-Board votes on 3 Nominating Committee members

Jul/Aug/Sep Journal  - Ballot printed

November 15—Postmark deadline  for sending written ballots. 

November 22 midnight - Deadline for online Ballots  

November or December:  Board elects officers for the coming year.




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